Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am Legend

Hey Dudes,
Yesterday I saw the will smith movie " I am Legend".  Well i usually like to see more English movies than tamil movies.  I am pure Will Smith fan and I have been watching all his movies but then it took time for the movie to come in Divx version.  Well to start with this movie belongs to the science genre.  The movie is featured around 2020.  It is a science thriller.  The movie starts with the discovery of a drug which is discovered to end all human diseases.  But then the drug ends up in the devolution of the world.  Human beings  start to return to the nomadic age.  Will Smith is caught in the thick of things.  He and his dog live alone in the city of newyork.  They are disturbed by the monkey turned human beings.  They are called the death eaters.  Will smith being a scientist tries to find a solution by carrying out experiments on these death eaters.  But then one bad day his dog is killed by a death eater.  Will smith becomes disappointed with the death of his dog and tries to bury him during the night when he is attacked by the death eaters.  Now he is helped by a Girl and a Boy who are the only survivors in that country.  They ask Will Smith to accompany  them to another country where human beings ain't affected by the disease.  When they try to escape death eaters enter their house and start to attack them.  Will Smith now finds that the cure of the disease lies in his blood.  Hence, he kills himself so that the death eaters could turn into Human beings.  I give this movie 9 out of 10 stars and a thumbs up.  Hope Will Smith continues to do such movies.

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